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Welcome to the La Trobe University Business & Commerce Students’ Association website! Whether you’re just starting your degree or finishing this year, the BCSA has events and activities to help you get the most out of your university experience.

In 2021 you may have noticed we have had a transformation. We were previously known as the Commerce Students’ Association. This year we have decided to rebrand into the Business & Commerce Students’ Association. Previously as the CSA, we catered for all students in the Business school. However, we felt our name was holding us back from genuinely representing and connecting with our students studying business degrees students. As the BCSA, we aim to include and benefit all Business and Commerce students!

Outside the rebrand, our vision and goals remain the same; to connect students with the workforce and bridge the gap between tertiary studies and formal employment. Additionally, we seek to enhance the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of students by organising social activities. 

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What We Do

Careers events

Social events

Coming into university we all imagine ourselves graduating and getting that dream job. With the pandemic reducing many job opportunities,  getting this dream to become a reality can be a difficult task. At the BCSA we aim to provide events that will help to achieve your dreams and get the job you want and deserve. Our previous events include careers coaching events, networking events and more. Look out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for upcoming events!

University life can be stressful! Endless assignments, long study nights and early morning lectures are all standard in the life of a Business or Commerce student. That’s why it’s important to let off some steam and enjoy yourself. Throughout the year we organise social events for our students to come along and have some fun. Look out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for our upcoming events!


We partner with relevant employers of commerce and business graduates to allow students the opportunity to learn more about these organisations and build connections with the professionals to work there. 

Health & Wellness activities

Along with our social events, we also organise mental health and wellbeing events. Our past events have brought together experts in these two areas to provide advice on improving your wellbeing, mindfulness and overall mental health. 2021 will provide further challenges like 2020 but our events can help steer you through these tough times. 


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